To Zen Racing Stats Shareholders

It costs Zen Racing Stats LLC $36K per year to stay operational, an average of $3,000 per month, which encompasses various necessities, including the daily data feed updates and the necessary provisions that provide the use of our betting program to shareholders. The costs fluctuate from month to month, with certain periods such as Dec, Jan, May, June, and September requiring additional funds. Susan provides $2,000 a month towards this, and with the assistance of several shareholders, we have been able to remain operational through April. However, this month of May and into June requires an additional $2,000 that she is unable to cover, which is the reason we are reaching out.

As shareholders, we understand that it is important you are made aware that without adequate financial support, Zen will be unable to sustain its operations beyond the last week of this month. This would inevitably lead to the closure of our LLC and the discontinuation of our betting program.

We understand the gravity of this situation and ask that you consider the future of our company Zen. Your support at this juncture will determine whether we can continue to operate. Our goal is to remain viable until we are in a position to hire a hands-on developer. We appreciate any assistance you are able to provide and accept the outcome either way.

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