We’ve Hired a Webmaster

Cindy J. Wilmer
email: webmaster@edbain.com
CIW, MCIWD, CIWCI, MCP, Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW)
Master CIW Designer(MCIWD)
CIW Certified Instructor (CIWCI)
Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
Certified Computer Training Instructor

Ed and I have known and worked with Cindy on our edbain.com website since 2003 when she was the the instructor of my CIW webdesign class. Since she is a master in web design and all things “Internet” we are delighted to have Cindy aboard as MCIWD to our Betting Syndicate.

Cindy will begin working on the private area for the syndicate investors early next week and if all goes well we should be able to issue each member their login credentials within the same week.

There is much to do behind the scenes in putting this intricate project together and while in Stage 1 the majority of our time is spent getting the word out to potential investors which is why there is not a lot of new things to report. We’re building this new secured area in stages too. Initially to post the syndicate updates and then eventually this area will be where we post the syndicate bets.

We are in a discussion now with the programmers that will be building the syndicate betting program at Ed’s direction to see if they will start to build this before all investors commitments are in. If they agree to this we will have to put half down and the earliest they may be able to begin is late May. A lot will depend on when we are able to hire a mathematician since we can not build the program without one and we need enough money in hand to do so. So if anyone is considering investing, now is the time. You can hold a share for 1/3 down ($2,000) now, the second 1/3 due by the end of April and balance when the betting program is complete. By the end of March if we have any shares open we will require the full investment to hold per share. And then if we have any shares remaining by the time we pay the programmers and mathematician to begin, the price per share will increase. In other words anyone who invests now can get one share for $6,000. Once the building process begins one investment share will have a much higher value. As Ed likes to say Let em roll at the quarter poll!

To snail mail a check or to pay by credit or debit card Click Here .

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