Apologize for the delay in posting this update. We’re putting this betting syndicate together exclusively through word of mouth and it’s taking a bit longer than anticipated. To date we have in hand 7 investors. I was waiting to post this because we have equally as many who said they are going to participate. I can not count these until money is in hand so to date we have 33 open shares remaining.

Susan and I are excited about this venture and chomping at the bit so to speak since we can not begin to build the betting program and hire the mathematician until all 40 commitments are in. We are in the process of spreading the word about this Syndicate here in Vegas. The good news is that commitment means invest at least 1/3 of each share ($2,000) today to hold one share. Then the second 1/3 should be in hand by the end of April and the final 1/3 once the betting program is complete.

This is truly first come, first serve and after the remaining 33 investments are committed there will be no more offered.

Each share is $6,000 and anyone can invest in more than one share. There are several ways to invest.
To Invest 1/3 down now Click Here , 1/3 down by end of April 2020 and final 1/3 when betting program is complete.
To Invest 1/2 down now Click Here and balance when betting program is complete .
To invest in a full share Click Here .
To snail mail a check or to pay by credit or debit card Click Here .

About the SyndicateBloomberg Article about Bill BenterWhat to expect after investing.

Note to Current Investors
We are in the process of creating a new secured part to this website for the syndicate investors where we will post all future updates. This should be ready within a few weeks and once it is we will send you the log in details.
Also like to ask you to share these syndicate links to anyone you know who may have interest. The sooner we fill these slots the sooner we’ll be able to move forward to Stage 2.

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