Truly First Come First Serve

Good Day. We have a lot of commitments to the Betting Syndicate though to date we have in hand 2 and 1/2 shares. One full share, one share and a 1/2. No shares will be saved from commitments. Money in hand is the only assurance of a share.

Ed and I are offering a One Time opportunity and this is an opportunity of a life time. To get involved in a betting syndicate that has the potential of giving everyone involved a monthly income for the rest of their life. Bill Benter who was Not a horse player developed statistics to win at betting on thoroughbred races. He did not possess the knowledge or experience of years of betting on races. Ed does. He is 75 years old and has been betting on thoroughbred racing since he has been 18. He developed his own statistics in 1993 because he was unable to purchase horse racing statistics from any where. Racing has remained stagnate because the monopoly in racing has made sure that nothing develops so that they can continue to offer the same old same old to all to ensure their profits on the same old same old which is what I label stale.

Ed is successful and has won at betting on horse racing for years because of the statistics that he developed only because he could not purchase any stats that paved the way for him to win. We’ve been attacked and shut down twice and as a result we are no longer in the business of producing information that you can win with. So we have made the decision and we are headed in a different direction. No longer are we selling information that you can win with but instead betting for ourselves and winning and leaving the industry to what they will so they can keep their status quo.

We are offering the opportunity to be involved with this; 40 shares out of 100 so each share will receive an income each month from the profits after maintaining a betting balance. Once These 40 Shares are in We Will Go Away and these options will no longer be open.

We are unable to get this going until we have half of the 40 shares in hand. Once we do we will begin to get the betting program written.

If you’re interested, now is the time to become involved. The opportunity of this will be gone once the full 40 shares are filled. Benter had success as a Non-Horseplayer. You have to own a database to make this work and to get this in motion you would have to have knowledge in using statistics to build the algorithms around what you want to know. We have all this. We own a horse racing database and we have Ed who has more knowledge on horse racing and applying statistics than anyone, more knowledge than even Benter. So there is nothing more I can say. Should you be fortunate enough to realize the opportunity we are presenting that is great. Should you not, that is OK too though I’ll give you even money odds that it is a good chance you’ll be shaking your head later wishing you did see this for what it is worth. Susan

To Invest: Click Here for 1/2 down now and balance when betting program is complete .
To Invest: Click Here for 1/3 down now, 1/3 down by end of April 2020 and final 1/3 when betting program is complete.
To invest in a full share Click Here .
To snail mail a check or to pay by credit or debit card Click Here .

1 thought on “Truly First Come First Serve”

  1. Thank You everyone for your emails and feedback and making us aware that the interest to participate in this betting syndicate is great. Understand that life happens and being what it is makes coming up with $6,000 or even $3000 now and balance in 60 days is not easily accommodated especially since we just recently made everyone aware of what we are doing. Ed and I wish the majority of the investors to be previous subscribers or handicappers that used his stats in the past and we have what we perceive is a solution that can make this work for anyone who wants to invest.

    We will hold your share by investing 1/3 down which is $2,000 and we’ll ask for this to be in by the end of January. By doing this we are hoping to have all 40 shares committed by the end of Jan 2020 so we would be able to begin building the betting program as well as hire the mathematician.

    It will take 3 to 3 and 1/2 months to build the program (possibly longer) so we’ll require the second 1/3 to in hand by the end of April 2020. We should have a better gauge then of how close we are to completing the program and we’ll ask for the final 1/3 investment of $2,000 upon its completion. This would give everyone interested a chance to raise the funds.

    We’ve also left the option of $3,000 or 1/2 investment down by the end of Jan 2020 however we changed the balance for the other 1/2 to when the betting program is complete.

    We’re also open to 1/3 down for the commitment by the end of Jan 2020 and then investing $1,000 a month until the full investment is met by the time the betting program is complete. Just let us know this is what you prefer to do.

    The only request we have regarding this is to ask anyone who is interested in investing and are not sure they can make the full investment by the time the above comes to fruition to please pass and Not invest. In other words we don’t want to hold a share back to find out that later that an investor can not invest the balance because we would have been able to fill the slot with another.

    This still will be first come first serve and once the 40 commitments are in we will close. We plan to post on the blog weekly of how many shares remain.

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