Invitation Open to

Prospective investors who meet the qualifications aligned with our strategic objectives. Those with a discerning understanding of targeted algorithms as they relate to horse racing and the potential outcome for generating profits becomes evident.

In early 2020, prior to Ed’s passing, we established a privately owned company with the primary objective of developing a betting module that consistently identifies winners at an average rate of 70 to 75%. Upon completion, our intention is to engage in betting activities on behalf of the investors who have joined our venture. Our foundational framework encompasses every algorithm devised by Ed, including his 4-race form cycle statistics for Layoffs, Claims, Debuts, and Won Last Race, tailored to specific track, class, distance, surface, and field size. Additionally, we have incorporated algorithms similar to those surrounding Bill Benter’s successful module, as detailed in the Bloomberg video highlighting his billion-dollar profits. We are optimistic that we can achieve comparable success.

The undertaking has been monumental, requiring a meticulous database, a dedicated team of developers, data scientists, and expertise in statistical application. The endeavor demanded significant time, exceptional patience, and financial resources, of which we possessed all except the required amount. Initially, 40 of the 50 available shares were opened for an initial investment of $6,000 each. We explicitly communicated that once these shares were filled and development commenced, the remaining 10 options would be made available for the necessary amount to bring the project to fruition. We have now reached this juncture.

To date, with combined investments exceeding $500,000, we have achieved 45% completion, culminating in the recent internal release of Version 3. Each investor possesses a copy for personal use until the final stage, at which point the system will be employed for collective betting. With an additional influx of capital, we anticipate making adjustments to enhance our overall in-the-money hit rate to an average of 70 to 78%, a significant improvement from Version 2.

Encouragingly, the path to completion and usability is now within reach. The foundation was laid in Version 1, and subsequent algorithms led to profitability in Version 2. Version 3, released recently, emphasizes Ed’s 4-race form cycle factors and has shown promising results, including double-digit returns. Once adequately funded, we anticipate swift progress, as the challenging phase is essentially completed.

Our proof of concept from Version 2 demonstrates our achievements, with a full report of these results. Since the release of Version 3, numbers have fluctuated due to the addition of numerous data points, necessitating ongoing adjustments. However, we are confident that, with continued monitoring and re-calibration, Version 3 will solidify its effectiveness.

Significantly, we do not require additional investments to reach fruition, as we can currently engage in betting using our accomplishments to date. However, investments at this stage would expedite the process.

For those interested, the current investment per share is $50,000. Upon conclusion, dividends will be distributed based on share ownership. For instance, with a betting bank of $100,000 and a hypothetical monthly profit of $100,000, each share would receive 1% of the profit, equivalent to $1,000.

The acceptance of new investors hinges on their alignment with our established structure. All shareholders are passive, and Susan Bain makes all decisions without exception. In the event of her incapacity, two primary owners-partners will continue following Ed’s and Susan’s plans. Zen Racing Stats LLC, the company formed for this venture, holds the first right of refusal to buy back any shares at the current share value or the initial purchase price, whichever is greater. Shareholders must sign a non-disclosure agreement, and any breach results in the forfeiture of shares.

We are confident in our potential for success, especially as we approach the halfway point of completion. We welcome serious consideration from potential investors who comprehend our vision and accept our structure. Those interested can express their intent and pose any questions to Susan via the provided email address: