Interest in this betting syndicate Requires Reading This Article prior to applying.
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Note: The only way this betting syndicate can have success is with a horse racing database. I am the sole individual, separate from the horse racing corporations who owns a horse racing database that includes all the races tracks in the USA and Canada. I have in my possession Benter’s algorithms (who amazingly was not a horse player) and with his success and my 30 years of tracking and betting with statistics I have what it takes to create the necessary program for this syndicate to bet with.

This syndicate will be assembled in stages with the first one offering 40 shares into this syndicate at an investment of $6,000 per share. One person can apply for more than one investment. Acceptance is contingent upon accepting the terms of the agreement. After all money is in hand for the 40 investment shares no additional syndicate partners will be added and participation will be closed and we’ll proceed to Stage 2.

Stage 2 Setting up the Syndicate LLC. 40 Shares total $240,000 of which $40,000 will go towards setting up the LLC to pay for writing the betting program and a mathematician. (This will take approximately 3 to 3 1/2 months to build). The $200,000 will fund the syndicate bets. Me and my partners from my (DBA equi-stats) company will maintain ownership of the database and these same partners will own 60% (60 shares) of the newly established Syndicate LLC. A horseracing database of this size has great value. and it’s partners investment is an agreement to loan the database to the syndicate to build the algorithms for the betting program and will maintain the direct data feed to the syndicate for 1 year for no fee. After 1 year the syndicate will pay equi-stats a monthly fee which is defined in the terms.

Stage 3: Once the program is built Ed Bain will make all the decisions for the bets that this syndicate makes and eventually each win bet will be for $2,000 a race. The syndicate will maintain a balance of $200,000 and at the end of every month all profits will be split among the investors and paid by percentage. As an example, if the syndicate made a profit of $100,000 after maintaining the balance of $200,000, each share will receive a payment of $1,000. It is important to note that the syndicate will send you a 1099-Misc at the end of each year for all profits paid and it will be up to each investor to pay the necessary taxes on the amount paid. Should the money wagered fall below $200,000, the amount of $200,000 must be rebuilt and then all profits above the amount will be dispersed to each investment.

In the future should any investor want to sell their shares in the syndicate the current members have the first right of refusal. If no one is interested in purchasing their shares and someone outside the syndicate wishes to purchase them, they must agree to the terms. Ed and/or Susan Bain will have the right to approve or disapprove new investor.

At the end of one year the syndicate will pay (the owner of the database) a monthly fee for the database feed.

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After some feedback we just made another change for the time frame of the investments and here are the new links:
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To Invest: Click Here for 1/3 down now, 1/3 down by end of April 2020 and final 1/3 when betting program is complete.
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