About Ed Bain’s database

The statistics that I published on my edbain.com website ran over a million calculations a day from my database. These statistics included Bill Benter’s applied algorithms and a lot more, the 4-race form cycle.

Borrowing a race callers terminology “Looming on the outside is the 4-race form cycle.”
The 4-race form cycle is a track specific count on Layoffs, Claims, Debuts and Won Last Race as they move through a four race cycle of races;
a count on race 1
then a count when they get to race 2
then a count when they get to race 3
then a count when they get to race 4
that are specific to Class, Distance, Surface, Field Size, and etc.
Once the algorithms are set from my current database for our new syndicate betting program we will be running over three million calculations a day!
Let em roll at the quarter poll…

Through the years we created some videos about the statistics we offered and I am posting them here so anyone considering investing can see first hand what what algorithms can do:

Trainer 1 stats video
Trainer 2 Stats video
Won Last Race video
Spike Play video
Either or video
Any one who is considering investing in this syndicate should watch this interview with
Bill Benter
He states why you can win at horse racing when you have a database. He also explains why a mathematician is critical.

Ed Bain quote ” I’ve always known I could win using statistics betting on horse racing. I don’t think my odds will get worse with a computer program”.

I was asked if it would be OK to put 1/2 share down now and invest the other half in 60 days instead of 30.

The betting program will take several months to complete so as long as the remainder of the investments are in by the end of the 60 days we should be fine so I just made this change.
To Invest: Click Here for 1/2 down now and balance when betting program is complete .
To invest in a full share Click Here .
Just made another change for anyone who wishes to invest here are the new links:

To Invest: Click Here for 1/2 down now and balance when betting program is complete .
To Invest: Click Here for 1/3 down now, 1/3 down by end of April 2020 and final 1/3 when betting program is complete.
To invest in a full share Click Here .
To snail mail a check or to pay by credit or debit card Click Here .

Ed, I want to use multiple cards to submit my investment. Is there a way that I can so this ?

Yes, you can do this one of two ways. You can mail in the cc authorization form and fill out one for each card that you want to use along with the amount to be charged per card
Click Here
Or you can send me an email at edbain@edbain.com and let me know this is what you would like to do and I can email you an Invoice from Authorizenet (our merchant account) which lets you submit multiple payments though you’d submit them one at a time.

Ed was featured in HorsePlayer Magazines Pro Player Series. You can view the full article here About Ed Bain

About the SyndicateBloomberg Article about Bill BenterWhat to expect after investing.

5 thoughts on “About Ed Bain’s database”

  1. Could you please resubmit your Florida address for syndicate payment?
    When you sent me the address, it came out vertically as opposed to the normal horizontal writing.

    1. Hi John,
      I’ll send you an email too. We are not in Florida anymore. We’re in Las Vegas.
      The address is Ed Bain 1257 Oak Village Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89183
      make it payable to equi-stats.
      Also I just watched a great interview with Bill Benter about databases and
      horse racing. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ptg2XFaEtLY
      Everyone that’s thinking about investing should watch this. He explains why
      and how you can win in horseracing with a database.

  2. Just wanted to clarify why we posted these videos. They are for anyone who may be considering an investment in the horse racing syndicate who might not be familiar with Ed Bain and the statistics he has provided in the past from his horse racing database.

    Unfortunately we are not able to rebuild these statistics on the edbain.com website. Our programs that produced these stats on our website were targeted twice, once in 2007 and then again in Oct 2018. In 2009 when we came back with stats on line we invested $300,000 to build the tools to run the calculations and to publish the finished product. These videos show what we Used to produce.

    Last month we sent out a letter letting prior patrons know that due to the continued health issues Ed and I daily face and the second destruction to the tools that calculated and published these online stats that we would no longer be offering any stats in print.
    We understand the ruin this caused. Like everyone who used Ed’s statistics we did not want this to happen. With this loss Ed can no longer bet and our livelihood has been eliminated. This complete loss also means we are unable to pay the $300,000 it would cost to rebuild these tools or for equally as much money to pay for their protection.

    Our horse racing database is secured. It consists of 9 years of horse racing historical data for every thoroughbred race run at all racetracks in the USA and Canada and fortunately a friend sent us the article about Bill Benter’s betting success through the use of a horse racing database and the algorithms applied. It was then that we realized we had a new direction we could take ……… and this is why we are forming the betting syndicate.

    We are raising funds for this syndicate and decided to first offer shares to players who are familiar with Ed’s statistics and expand from here.

    We are able to build a betting program for the horse racing syndicate that applies Benter’s algorithms and all of Ed Bain’s algorithms for around $40,000 and this will be paid for from part of the funds that we are raising for the syndicate.

    The program will be used to tell Ed all the potential bets that meet the criteria calculated through these algorithms and from these Ed will decide which ones the syndicate will bet. His knowledge of odds to percentages to payout is invaluable. He will Not be betting every potential bet the program suggests. All investors will be made aware of every bet the syndicate makes and profits from these bets dispersed monthly.

    We Are raising money by offering shares in this horse racing syndicate. We are Not raising money to rebuild the stats we used to offer on the website. Once the funding goal is reached no more shares will remain and other than access to these investors basically edbain.com and Ed and Susan Bain will disappear.

      1. Good question David and I can see why you would ask it. This means Ed and I will no longer be offering horse racing information/statistics for sale and we will disappear from the Industry. We’re going in this new direction of the horse racing syndicate and will remain visible to everyone who is involved with this 🙂

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