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                  Ed Bain is happy to introduce a new product: The Equistats Exporter
This data export tool installs directly on the users computer where they can export and save data in .csv format (similar to Microsoft Access format) and can be used by anyone to build their own horse racing database. Data is pulled directly from's comprehensive data (updated daily) consisting of 167 racetracks and the results data go as far back as 2009. Offered by a monthly subscription.  Whether you order for 1 month or choose to continue a monthly subscription to retain the daily updates you can build your database with the information you choose to track.  All subscribers must agree with Terms and Conditions prior to purchase.  Please allow 24 hours to manually set up access to this new program.  Your monthly subscription will not begin until set up is activated.

Click the Following Link for the Demonstration Video: Data Export Tool     and this link as to How to use the Data once imported Format Data


Price: $500/month $400 for 1st Month Save $100 1st Month
Sample Data:
Current Fields include: Track - Date - Race - Class - Distance - Surface - Traction (Trk Condition) - Weather - Purse - Program # - Horse - Age - Sex - Jockey - Weight - Owner - Trainer - Clming Owner - Clming Trnr - Post Position - Final Finish - Fav (Y/N) - Odds - Sire - Dam Sire - Lst Trk Date - St Bred
  Data is from December 2009 to present. We currently offer past performances for 167 race tracks that covers thoroughbreds, quarter horse and steeplechase horses.
Sample Data in excel: