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Statistics are included and accepted as a primary analysis tool in all sports except for horse racing, where for some unknown reason this information is labeled a secondary handicapping factor.  When you listen to any professional game, baseball, basketball, football, golf and even tennis, the announcers are consistently rattling off statistics.

The Boston Red Sox's retain Bill James, who they call the wizard.  From a CBS news 2008 article that can be read at the following link the article states:

We offer a brief escape from the economic gloom: a different numbers game - the numbers used to conjure up winners - otherwise known as baseball.

It's a pastime that has an almost religious belief in statistics. Find the right permutations and you can be a master of the universe, or at least of the diamond.

Which brings us to Bill James, the wizard hired by the
Boston Red Sox six years ago who helped bring a congenital loser two World Series championships after 86 years of drought.

Recently we watched a movie called MONEYBALL that is a story about an x-ballplayer and now General Manager of the
Oakland A's Billy Beane, who used statistics to form an extraordinary team that won 20 games in a row.  While he was building the team he was discouraged by his peers who went as far as to say that these statistical decisions would be the end of his career and that he'd soon be working as a store clerk.  Instead Beane went against the grain, stuck with his belief in the statistics. At the end of his first season of putting players in the positions the stats said to place them, John Henry, the owner of the Red Sox recognized what Beane had accomplished and he offered him a salary of  $12,500,000 to manage his team. 

When I was watching the story of Beane, I felt as if I were watching the story of Ed Bain. Ed has also been told year after year that he can't bet this way, referring to betting his stats. Ed has been tracking Layoff and Claim statistics that are based on a 4-race form cycle since the early 90s. He bet his statistics from the beginning which is how he developed his style of using the stats that he tracked and he has bet professionally since. Ed added Debut (first-time starter) and Jockey Stats to his arsenal in early 2000. In 2008 Ed published these groundbreaking color coded statistics on line in his Past Performances and added stats on the Owners as well as over 100 subsets that supply in-depth comprehensive distance, class and surface-sensitive details. In 2009 Ed added links to each of these identifiable stats so when clicked on you are taken to a detail page that lists every possible statistic associated with this person that is unlike anything available in horseracing or for that matter any sport.  Sample:


In August of last year Ed began offering these past performances and racing statistics for free and we're changing to an advertising site instead of a subscription-based site.  Since, we've been free we've continue to increase the number of visitors and to date we average over 110,000 unique visitors per month. We've had an overwhelming amount of visitors that range from players who use the statistics to handicap, to owners, trainers and jockeys viewing their stats out of interest, just to see how they look.  Imagine being able to go to a website for free and see statistics on yourself.  If you're a jockey, you can see how you perform for certain trainers or what distances or surfaces you win more at.  If you're an owner, how well do you do when you have your trainer place your horse(s) at certain distances or class levels or if the trainer excels when they place your horse in various spots.  If you're a handicapper, you can use these easily to place bets or even to pass bets.  If you see a lot of positives like the trainer has his "go-to jockey" and he has a 4 + 30 (Ed's betting stat that means that a particular trainer, jockey, owner, or horse has 4 wins or more plus a 30% win rate or higher) with a particular owner and/or a 30% win rate at today's class level, you can feel confident about your bet.  You may even notice that all the stats do not line up for the win slot; however you may notice that the trainer's number climb way up for 2nd and 3rd, then you can consider this horse in an exotic wager.  Just as powerful is knowing when to pass a play.  The trainer may have their lowest win rate on today's race scenario so you can wait and catch them when they spike, when things line up with the way they train.

Offering these statistics for free has lead to a lot of questions and a lot of e-mails.  One question we receive daily and I'm certain this is because our posted stats are only for the current race dates, is how can I view the stats on someone today even if they do not have a current entry? Until we went free, you were only able to view these when they were running and if you missed this and wanted information on any of these particular trainers, riders or owners, you would have to wait until they were running again.  Now you can use any search engine. Google is especially easy, to basically pull up any stat on anyone in our database once you know how to enter the information that will take you right to the page with all the details.  Here's how:

To locate any jockey's stats in our database, type their name along with edbain.  Example using jockey John Velazquez, type this: johnvelazquezedbain and you'll be taken to the page that looks like our sample above.  If you have a jockey with an unusual last name, it's better to just type the last name along with edbain.  As an example Julien Leparoux is in our database as J R Leparoux so if you type Julien Leparoux the stats may not show.  However if you type Leparouxedbain then you'll see Julien's detail page.

The jockeys are a little more difficult to pull up than any other stats and this is because they are often associated with certain trainers more than others.  By typing their last name together with edbain also together,you can find more detailed information fast.

To locate any trainer's stats in our database, type their name and then type ed bain.  Example using Bob Baffert, type this: Bob Baffert and Ed Bain and you'll be taken to the page that has all of Baffert's stats.  Should you want to know how trainer Jamie Ness performs for Midwest Thoroughbreds, type this: Jamie Ness and Midwest Thoroughbreds and Ed Bain and you'll be taken to Midwest Thoroughbred's page.

To locate a horse in our database, type their name and then type ed bain.  The horse will show up on the trainer page of any trainer that has trained her.

Example using a horse that someone wanted to know about, called Vampire Hills, type Vampire Hills and ed bain and this will take you to their trainer's detail page.  Another example of a horse that no longer runs though was recent enough for our data base is Zenyatta.  To see Zenyatta's stats, type Zenyatta and ed bain.  This brings you to John Shirreff's detail page that lists Zenyatta's races. Currently the only way to view just the horse's record can be done when the horse is running within the next four days.  To view just their record, go and click on the track, race number and then the horse's name (which is a link).

To locate an owner in our database, type their name and then type ed bain. Let's use David Milch, writer and creator of the new HBO Series LUCK, type David Milch and ed bain and you'll be taken to Julio Canani's detail page that lists two starts for this owner.  Note that many owners race under duplicate names with other owners and to get details on these owners we've had to group them with the dominate owners in our database.  A good example of this would be Jerry Hollendorfer and George Todaro.  They have many runners that include additional owners too.  We have them grouped in our database under Hollendorfer & Todaro so any runners that they have with this combination is counted within their stats.

To locate stats on a track for a specific datethat is not available today when visiting our website, let's use Santa Anita for Dec 31, 2011, type Santa Anita Dec 31, 2011 and ed bain and you'll be taken to their races and Ed's stats for this day.

Ed always said that with good information we should see a lot of professional players.  This is good information, and it is free so there is no reason we shouldn't begin to see more pro players.

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